ON SUB: THE SAMSARA SOLUTION (with Len Klapdor & Alexandra Van Belle)

Everything you’ve lived can be used against you

In a near future where past lives are a scientifically proven fact, a disabled woman haunted by her former self, an unlikely murderer on a quest for justice, and a jaded investigator with a knack for dying must make peace with former incarnations before more innocent lives are lost, or risk Final Death—the kind you don’t come back from in any form.

At just over 100K words, THE SAMSARA SOLUTION is a near-future, multi-POV sci-fi novel with a side of murder mystery, that examines how the awareness of death’s impermanence can transform personal relationships and humanity as a whole. A standalone with series potential, THE SAMSARA SOLUTION combines the great stakes of Blake Crouch’s Recursion with the genre-bending premises of Rob Hart’s The Paradox Hotel and Jennifer Egan’s The Candy House, while paying homage to Philip K. Dick’s Minority Report

THE SAMSARA SOLUTION is co-written by Danai Christopoulou, Len Klapdor, and A. J. Van Belle, with OwnVoices representation for the neurodivergent and queer identities featured.