I grew up in Greece, with ancient gods and myths for bedtime stories. I worked as a journalist for 8 years at the Greek subsidiary of Condé Nast before transitioning to digital media and leading the content for a global startup until 2017. After 30 years of a love-hate relationship with my hometown of Athens, and some occasional dalliances with New York and Norway, I eventually immigrated to Sweden in 2018. I currently take courses on history of religion, cognitive linguistics and media at several Swedish universities, while working as a freelance ghostwriter and line/dev editor and learning that living on a farm with chickens and cows is cooler (and harder) than I could have ever imagined.

My non-fiction work has appeared in women’s magazines (Glamour, Marie Claire), advertising campaigns, and travel, wellness and spirituality websites (Greatist, Culture Trip, Skyscanner, WICCA magazine). When not working on my own stories, I love working with authors on their query and synopsis packages, reading submissions for Uncanny Magazine, and helping marginalized authors on their journey through the querying trenches via mentoring programs such as QueeryFest.

I write mythpunk SFF & Romance, which means that the tales I’m drawing inspiration from are not retold faithfully; I enjoy placing old characters in unexpected settings and reinterpreting the myths I grew up with for a contemporary, diverse audience. Thanks to my awesome agent, Lauren Bieker of FinePrint Literary, I currently have two novels on submission. To save my sanity as I wait for news, I’m working on short stories and several other WIPS in various stages. I have a short story in the Heads & Tales anthology (2021), co-written with the fantastic Len Klapdor, the profits from which go toward supporting The Trevor Project. When not working, my hobbies include pandering to animals, geeking about superheroes and time travel, and doing tarot readings for writers on Twitter.

5 things you didn’t know about me

  • I have a growing flock of cats (that’s Scooby, my oldest, in the photo) and chickens.
  • I’m an Aries Sun with a Scorpio Rising, which means I never back down from a challenge… and I literally used that line to get hired at Glamour Magazine once!
  • My favorite superhero is SheHulk. My favorite Doctor Who companion is Clara.
  • I’ve dyed my hair in every color under the rainbow. Change is essential.
  • I used to bake cakes as a side hustle. I still have STRONG feelings about fondant.