Two powerful witches, millennia apart. One red candle that can summon soulmates, even when separated by oceans of Time. The fate of a kingdom, the gods, and the world, all hanging in the balance. Don’t worry; it’s all part of Pasiphae’s plan. 

PASIPHAE’S PLAN is a 90K-word genre-bending, dual-timeline romantasy that gives Pasiphae—Ariadne’s mother—the epic adventure the classics denied her. It’s conceived as a duology or trilogy starter but also works as a standalone. PASIPHAE’S PLAN combines the snarky goddess narrator of Claire North’s Ithaca, Maya Deane’s Wrath Goddess Sing queer reclamation of Greek myth, spice levels similar to Katee Robert’s Dark Olympus series, and a multiple POV cast like Olivie Blake’s The Atlas Six.

Thanks to my wonderful agent, Lauren Bieker of FinePrint Literary, this book is currently on submission!

Ever since she trapped her abusive husband in the Labyrinth, snake-shifting Queen Pasiphae rules Minoan Crete with a steady hand. But in her dreams, she can see a fiery future—the fall of her Knossos palace. When a strange woman stranded in time crashes her court with the help of a magical red candle, Pasiphae thinks she’s found a way to save her world… or at least herself.

Putting aside her growing attraction to the strange woman, Pasiphae has six months to decipher the candle’s magic and reverse engineer it. If she succeeds, she will be able to visit the future and learn how to save Crete; if she fails, her island will go down in flames, just as her dreams warned her. Either way, Pasiphae’s actions will change the world and her loved ones’ lives forever.

In modern day New Orleans, Hoodoo root worker Anje sells magical red candles that help people find true love. They work: Anje’s best friend used one to summon her soulmate—who happens to be a 4,000-year old centaur. Now, Anje and her friends are tackling risky relationships and supernatural threats, not knowing they’re all key players in Pasiphae’s plan.

SOON ON SUB: CURSED THE DEER (co-written with A.J. Van Belle)

While on the run from gods and humans, a princess and a dryad stumble upon a temple outside
of time where they can stay safe forever … if they allow the rest of the world to perish at the
hands of the sinister priestess who rules it.

Blessed the deer who bows to Her
Cursed the deer who strays from Her
We serve Her Will at every Moon
We bleed the deer, her rightful boon

They told her she would marry Greece’s mightiest hero. Yet the only thing that awaits 16-year-old
princess Iphigeneia is a blade, wielded by her own father. Offered as a sacrifice to appease Artemis
so the Greek fleet could sail to Troy, Iphigeneia realizes neither gods nor heroes will save her. She’ll
have to use her semi-awakened magic—and save herself.

17-year old Daphne hasn’t run for a long time. Happy in her serene, if lonely existence as a laurel
tree, the dryad tends to let humanity fend for itself—after all, no one helped her back in the day,
when Apollo was chasing her. But when she meets a princess in need of saving, Daphne learns there
are some things worth finding your humanity for.

Now on the run from the henchmen who hunt them, Iphigeneia and Daphne stumble upon a strange
temple that exists outside of time; a temple that might be a sanctuary… or a trap. The girls almost
feel safe there—except that Iphigeneia is still plagued by visions of butchered, bloody deer that just
might be real. And Daphne, with her keen dryad senses, suspects there’s something sinister about the
temple’s High Priestess, who leads a monthly full moon ritual that culminates in the killing of a deer.

With temple acolytes disappearing under strange circumstances, unsettling artifacts from the future
that point to unsolved murders, a plan to grow the Temple’s reach until it swallows mankind, and
budding feelings that complicate everything, Iphigeneia and Daphne must choose: stay safe in the
temple, together forever—or save the world from the sinister priestess who rules their new home.